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Spoiler Free Review of Star Wars: Crucible by Troy Denning

A year ago when I first read about Crucible, my anticipation was born. I took that word and analyzed the hell out of it. I looked at this cover art and the bar was raised higher and higher with every announcement and promise. The book had promised to focus on the relationships of the Big 3 (Han, Luke, and Leia), give us a glimpse of the new era for Star Wars and reveal who the enemies will be for the upcoming books. I’ll avoid spoilers but when you open the book, it lists characters that are in it so instead of telling you what each character did I’ll only evaluate the way the characters were written and portrayed.

In recent years, many people have complained about the change in Han Solo’s attitude over the years. With his loss of Chewbacca and his sons, modern Han Solo has often been described as whiney and dark, this interperatation of the iconic character reads a little bit more like the young Han Solo, a little romantic, but strategic and bold. This attitude doesn’t always work out for Solo as he struggles to keep up in a young man’s game.

Omad Kaeg on the other hand reads just like a young Han. This young pilot often acts with more courage and stupidity then the mature Han Solo. Omad is an interesting character with some interesting bad habits and develops interesting relationships with several of the characters that are important in the Expanded Universe. I think we can expect him to be in the books and possibly even the new movie.

Luke Skywalker and his sister seemed to be pretty standard portrayals. Both of them have been more philosophical in their latter years and the book acts as a good learning process for them as they learn to allow the younger generation to have more control. Personally I think Luke’s most personal moments are with his son, Ben, and sadly this book doesn’t show much of that relationship.

Though Ben, Tahiri, Jag, and Jaina are in the book, they don’t play that much of a role in the book. I would complain about that, but one of the major reasons for this book is to help transition the focus of the Star Wars books onto the next generation, so I suppose we can expect more than enough of them to come. (Please Episode VII!) The book also mentions several Jedi in training, so it will be interesting to see if they play a part in things to come.

Lando is the man. That’s always beent he truth and always will be. Nothing else can be said about that.

I have mixed feelings about the villains in this book. They present the main villains to be Craitheus and Marvid Qreph, Columi twins that run a massive galactic corporation that is incredibly corrupt. For those of us that don’t think about Columi often, they are a species of little green men that are brilliant strategists. They’re resume is impressive but their actual behavior and responses don’t display the level of incite that they’re suppose to. My favorite scene of theirs involved a very interesting game, you’ll see. The real villains in my opinion are their hired help, Vestara Khai and Mirta Gev.

Vestara Khai returns as Ben Skywalker’s former girlfriend and member of the Lost Tribe of the Sith, it seems that since the Fate of the Jedi series Khai has managed to work her way up the criminal/corporate ladder. She understands the way the Jedi operate by now and provides interesting incite as an advisor, without being afraid to get her hands dirty.

Though they work together, Mirta Gev is often pitted against Khai due to their conflicting styles. Gev is a true Mandalorian, leading the charge while her grandfather, Boba Fett, remains out of the picture for this novel. With Fett growing old it is very likely that Mirta could be next in line to be Mandalore, so these early glimpses of her commanding her own troops give us an exciting look at the new wave of Mandalorians that may rise again as a threat in future novels/films.

The book references a good bit of everything and does a good job of presenting an exciting threat without trying to out-do any previous threats. The book felt exciting and gave me a very optimistic look at the next series of novels. This book gives me hope that the Star Wars timeline that we know and love will stay consistent in Disney era, because it feels like they are starting to build towards something exciting! I highly recommend this book to Star Wars fans of all experiences, as it does a great job catching the reader with the current state of affairs in the Star Wars Universe and acts as a great self contained story without having to be part of a 13-book arc.


20 Characters I’d Like to See In Star Wars: Rebels


With the show being called Rebels, is it safe to say that it will feature some Rebels? I think that the show won’t start with the Alliance already assembled, I think we are going to watch several characters from very different places coming together for a greater purpose.

1. Ahsoka Tano

We never saw how she died, and I doubt they are saving her for the Episode VII era, because she would be about 20 years older than Luke and Leia. It would be very interesting to see her dealing with the fact that her friends are all dead and her master has become Vader. She could survive Order 66 by putting down her lightsabers to avoid attention. She planted the seeds of rebellion on other planets, will she rejoin them or has she found safety with her new friend Asajj Ventress?

2. Wedge Antilles

One of the most notable rebels, he was Red Leader of the Battle of Endor and the only pilot to survive BOTH Death Star runs. This founder of the Rogue Squadron was orphaned before turning 18 and teamed up with the Alliance shortly after his girlfriend Mala Tinero was killed by the Empire. This could be a great character to follow as we watch him lose everything he’s loved and bring that fire and intensity to the Rebels.

3. Quinlan Vos

George Lucas has always had a special place in his plans for Quinlan Vos, this Jedi has dabbled in the dark side but escaped Order 66 and went into hiding with Khaleen Hentz and his son Korto Vos. They have made several action figure versions of Vos and have tried to push for him to move from EU to mainstream acceptance. They didn’t use him in the Clone Wars series, but may have more in mind for him now.

4. Rahm Kota-

This Clone Wars General used his own militia instead of Clone Troopers, which led to his survival when Order 66 was issued. We know that he was leading troopers during the begining of Force Unleashed and had remained with the Alliance through the end of Force Unleashed 2. So depending on the timing of the series, could we possibly be seeing Kota before he goes blind?

5. Winter Celchu

This woman was raised as Princess Leia’s sister and companion and became her most honest companion for many years. She had a holographic and audiographic memory that made her particularly useful as a spy for the Rebel Alliance. She later would be the nanny for all of the Solo children and was also recently featured in the “Scoundrels” novel.

6. Jax Pavan

Star of the Coruscant Nights series, he managed to evade the purge and was even spared by Darth Vader on one occassion. He has seen some of the early rebel groups on Coruscant and could be part of tying them to the Rebel Alliance.


At this point in time the Empire is becoming more vicious, but hiding it with their strong use of propoganda. Where did the leaders of the rebellion recieved their training? The answer, for the most part, is from the Empire.

7. Admiral Thrawn

Though he was one of the highest ranking naval officers, his commission and his exsistence were kept a close secret for a very long time. In a time where humans were given most positions of authority and aliens were provided very little opportunity, he was one of the empire’s best strategists and a really interesting character.

8. Han Solo

That’s right, Han Solo studied at the Imperial Academy. He was top of his class and kind-of a pain in the butt before he became a scoundrel, and it could be fun to see Han Solo taking that turn. His service in the empire was far from glorious as he aided with construction and SLAVERY. On one mission he encountered Chewbacca, who had freed a ship-load of Wookiee children, and was ordered to skin Chewbacca, that refusal was the first in a long line of defiant acts that the two scoundrels would commit together.

9. Soontir Fel

This classmate of Han Solo, became the deadliest pilot in the Empire has gone farther then most Humans will ever be able to, he has earned respect from the Empire, the Republic and even the racist Chiss Empire of the Hand. His son, Jagged Fel would go on to lead the new Empire and marry Han and Leia’s daughter Jaina Solo. This could be a good opportunity to introduce the Fel family into the mainstream before Episode VII.

10. Kyle Kattarn

Star of the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series, Kyle trained at the Imperial Academy while his Father (A Jedi in hiding) was helping lead a rebel group. In the first Dark Forces game he succesfully stole some of the Death Star plans and discovered the Dark Troopers. He later becomes a Jedi Master and a member of the new Jedi Council with Luke Skywalker. This would be good for introducing him again for the new movies and also act to bring in fans of his series, and it opens the possibilities for alot of fun stories and great characters like Jerec, Jan Ors, and more.

11. Biggs Darklighter

Biggs was one of Luke’s oldest friends, and he often competed with Luke. He trained with the empire but soon switched sides and joined the rebel alliance. It could be fun to watch him make that transition having some friends at the academy then trying to make friends with the rebels. How do they treat people that defected from the Empire? Do some people resent him? How does his training gel with the less organized style of the early rebel alliance? Maybe some will doubt him until he saves the day in an epic dogfight.

Sith in Training

With the Empire in control, what will happen with new force sensitives that have been discovered. We’ve seen young Jedi in training, will we now see young Sith? Will the Hands of the Empire that we know be shown in their full fury or will we see them young?

12. Starkiller

He was one of the founders of the Rebel Alliance, and it would be great to see his power displayed with more modern graphics. Not to mention this could be the tie-in for Force Unleashed 3. If it takes place before Force Unleashed we could see him in training. How did Vader keep him secret? Will we see a difference between his training Ahsoka and his training Starkiller? If it takes place after Force Unleashed 2 will he be one of the leaders of the Alliance? Will he find Ahsoka? Will anyone realize that Vader is Anakin Skywalker?

13. Maris Brood

The Apprentice of Shaak Ti, she survived not only Order 66, but was spared by Galen “Starkiller” Marek in Force Unleashed. Though she has hints of the dark side, she is generally a Jedi, and her bad-ass Tonfa-style lightsabers would be fun to see in the show. It could also be interesting to see how her attitude clicks with rebels, or if her darkness clashes with any other Jedi survivors. Personally I would love it if she ended up becoming Starkiller’s apprentice.

14. Darth Maul

They brought him back from the dead and killed off his brother, so they must have some idea for what they’d like him to do. What could Palpatine have in mind for his for apprentice? Will he be used to hunt down Jedi during the purge? Will he remain in control of Mandalore? Will Vader and Maul come face to face? How does Vader feel about Maul’s exsistence?

15. Mara Jade

With Episode VII coming soon, some rumors say that this show will be a tool to bring EU characters into more mainstream recognition, and one of the most important characters in the history of Star Wars is Luke’s wife Mara Jade Skywalker. At this point we know that the Emperor took Mara from her parents during the purge, but we don’t know who her parents were. She was raised by the Emperor as one of his “Hands” and trained in the dark side. She was taught to be a spy and often used her youth and beauty to her advantage.

16. Shira Brie “Lumiya”

Another of the Emperor’s Hands she was trained by both Vader and Palpatine and the most vicious Sith to use a Lightsaber-whip. Identified as a Force Sensitive, she was raised in the Imperial Palace on Coruscant and put through Adolescent Indoctrination. She would provide an interesting perspective for us, since we haven’t seen much of how the Emperor handled non-jedi force users. We could even see her doing training missions when she was in intelligence training and have her meet other notable characters that were in training with the Empire at the time (see below). She also is a key character to bring in from the Expanded Universe due to the fact that she is the woman responsible for Jacen Solo’s fall to the Dark Side.


There was alot of talk about a show happening between Episodes III and IV that would not have to do with the Jedi, the focus would be the seedy underside of Coruscant and I think it’s a safe assumption that these Brutes will have a big role in Rebels as they help hunt down the runaway Jedi.

17. Boba Fett

Obviously we are gonna see an teenage/young adult Boba Fett in this show. Basically the ONLY character we can count on to be in this show! Star Wars Underwold was supposedly about two families fighting for power in the underworld of Coruscant while one man is the balancing point…Boba Fett! Star Wars 1313 was supposedly the story of a young man entering the dark world of bounty hunting and piecing together the perfect set of gear for the perfect hunter…Boba Fett! It’s time to see Boba Fett starting to reach his prime. This guy carries around the lightsabers of Jedi he has killed and for a period of time would scalp Wookiee victims! He was Dengar’s best man, Darth Vader’s go-to guy, and betrayed the love of his life and mother of his child. And one day he would go on to rule the most bad-ass planet ever, Mandalore.

18. Asajj Ventress

This former apprentice of Count Dooku has been trained by Jedi, Sith, and Nightsisters before going solo and becoming a Bounty Hunter. She recently made friends with Ahsoka Tano many speculated that we would have seen the two working together in 1313. At one point they had described her fate, but recently have said that anything from the comics relating to her fate should be considered non-canon and overwritten by the Clone Wars TV show. Unwriting her death is a pretty obvious indication of the fact that they have plans for her. Maybe Ahsoka and her will have to work together to go into hiding.

19. Dengar

One of Boba’s Best Friends, his bandages cover the burns that he suffered when Han Solo cheated against him in an underground swoop race. With the cyborg enhancements that the Empire gave him, he became one of the most ruthless bounty hunters in the galaxy and kept taking bounties even as late as Jacen and Jaina’s Young Jedi Knight series. He was voiced by Simon Pegg and I doubt they are gonna let his relationship with Star Wars end already.

20. A’Sharad Hett

One of the most patient Sith Lords ever, he was a General in the Clone wars and even commanded Anakin Skywalker on several occasions. Young Skywalker looked up to him in many ways but their relationship was thrown off course by Hett’s sandperson heritage and the death of Shmi Skywalker at the hands of sand people. After escaping order 66, Hett escaped back to Tattooine to lead his sand people and led them until one unfortunate encounter with exiled Obi-Wan Kenobi. After that Hett worked as a Bounty Hunter until he discovered a Sith Holocron and went down the path of the dark side. A hundred years later his new One Sith Order would take over the galaxy.

Vote for who you’d like to see!

Harrison Ford “Refuses” to Answer Any Star Wars Questions on the Jimmy Kimmel Show

Check out this hilarious clip from the Jimmy Kimmel Show last night where Harrison Ford refuses to talk about his involvement in the new Star Wars movies, even when asked by old friends…

Patton Oswalt Proposes Marvel/Star Wars Episode VII Crossover in this 9 Minute Improvised Monologue from Parks and Recreation

Wow. In this weeks Parks and Recreation episode, Patton Oswalt’s character is suppose to be Filibustering, so he improvised an amazing 9 minute straight monologue detailing what Disney could do in Episode VII to connect Star Wars with the rest of their comic universes! Wow what a crazy speech!

Rumor: Details About New Video Games, Movies, and an Animated Series!

The source at Cosmic Book Source is at it again. The same source that has supposedly leaked information about Darth Maul’s Spinoff Movie and Palpatine’s Disciple being the villain in Episode VII has now leaked the following information to the website;

The new animated Star Wars TV series may focus on the Rebellion taking down the remaining remnants of the Empire spread across the galaxy. It’s said to be similar to The Clone Wars in which it features a large cast of characters and doesn’t focus on a sole group (i.e. Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Han Solo).

• The spin-offs films could include original characters and may not be focused on a well known character (i.e. Boba Fett, Han Solo etc).

• However, a spin-off may possibly be set before Episode I for certain characters (i.e. Yoda).

• New video games will be post Episode VI and could be based on the TV Series being developed.

• There will more than likely be video games based on Episode VII, VIII and IX.

Dave Filoni has confirmed that he is developing an animated series for Star Wars, and it would be great to see him doing a show where the good guys will win in the end, and it could serve as a great tool for getting stories from the Expanded Universe into the more mainstream medium.

For more from the original source check: Cosmic Book News

The Rock continuing to campaign for a role in Star Wars (Say’s he would be a bridge between Sith and Jedi)

Of the many actors that have been campaigning for roles in the upcoming Star Wars films, one name that keeps coming back is Dwayne Johnson. Current WWE champion The Rock has expressed a love of Star Wars several times and has further detailed what he would like to do;

“When I was a kid, I (imagined I) was Han Solo and Boba Fett. I would love to do it, sure. I’ve got an emotional connection to Star Wars. So, Jedi, Sith, you got it,”

“Boba Fett could work. But it can’t be the Boba Fett as we know. There’s got to be a cross between a Sith and a Jedi. We’ve got to create it.”

In recent novels there have been a number of characters that stand somewhere in the grey between the light and dark sides of the force, and there have been Mandalorians and clones that were born with force abilities.

I could also see him playing an alien spieces with some special effects work or make-up. He could be a very intimidating Yuzhong Vong or Pureblooded Sith.

For more about the interview check The Belfast Telegraph

I <3 Toys R Us (Part 2)

Was stopping by the local TRU earlier today and not only was I able to find the Return of the Jedi Deleted Scene figures of Luke Skywalker (Lightsaber Construction), Lando (Sandstorm Outfit), and Princess Leia (Sandstorm outfit)….


…they were half off! pretty solid grab!