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IGN spends an hour with Defiance

For anyone that still hasn’t picked up the game yet. You should hurry and do it now before the season starts! IGN did a good in depth look at the game, but I have to tell you, until you are joyriding off the mountains and in a crowd of a hundred ArkHunters working together to kill a massive Hellbug, you just won’t understand how great the game is…


Guide: Some Tips for Equipping yourself in Defiance: The Game

I didn’t want to rush into giving any tips to people on the first day, so I took the time to acquaint myself with the weapons a little more and level up, and now for the fruits of my labor:

Understanding your Weapons and Experimenting

It’s amazing to see how much variety the weapons have in this game. It really allows the players to come up with their own style of gaming and get a little weird with it! The two biggest things to pay attention in a weapon is the accuracy/spread of the weapon and the damage/types of damage it is capable of.


What I mean by the accuracy/spread of the weapon is that a players style and placement in a battle can really change what you look for in the accuracy of a weapon.Some people like to keep their distance from the battles and use snipers. These people will also probably enjoy Assault Rifles more than they will like Light Machine Guns. I on the other hand like to be in the heat of Arkfall, where I don’t have time to be very picky with my shots.

So if you are like me and like to get a little messy in the battles, I’d advise 3 big things;

1) Use a shotgun with a wider Bloom or a nice horizontal spread. This will be better for when you have to spin around and kill a Hell Bug mid-air or if you have several enemies next to each other.

2) Use a light machine gun with low accuracy so that it will spread its fire over more of an area. They tend to be more powerful than assault rifles or other high fire rate guns, and can be really great for spinning around in circles clearing a mob that’s surrounded you.

3) Use missile launchers that rebound or spread in other ways. A lot of the heavy weapons have a great Area of Effect, So utilize this to quickly knock the cannon fodder out-of-the-way.


Now it’s not as simple as just saying that it does 500 damage. Because with a lot of these weapons pulling the trigger once could release multiple rounds or a number of shots at once.

One example would be Sniper Rifles that shoot multiple rounds per shot and can hold many rounds without needing to reload while some rifles can only shoot one powerful shot and then have to reload for 2 seconds, or shotguns that shoot high numbers of shrapnel.

Test out some of the guns when you are at a low-level so you can figure out what fits your play style the most, and don’t be thrown of by a type of weapon just because you didn’t like the first one you tried. Within each time there is such diversity that you should be able to find at least one model of each type that you can use well.


As you level up you are able to equip more and more loadouts, and I highly recommend utilizing them. Even if there is some redundancy in your loadouts, you never know when you are going to need to switch out for something unusual.

Right now my main 3 loadouts I use include

1) Shotgun/Assault Rifle

2)Assault Rifle/Rebound Rocket Launcher

3)Grenade Shotgun/Sniper


Though some people like to use the adhesive kind, I’ve found that grenades that can light the enemy on fire can have the best effect in terms of not only doing damage, but also distracting some weaker enemies.

Don’t Just Use the Dodge

I know a lot of us preordered the game and hence get this bad ass Dodge Charger, but it can be a little hard to navigate through the mountains and forested areas. It’s great for driving long distances and on the high way, but don’t be afraid to set one of your loadouts to be an ATV, they are really fun to drive, and don’t end up getting caught on stuff as much!

I’ll be posting more guides soon. Share my link and share the love.

For another great guide to weapons check: the Weapons of IGN’s Defiance Guide

Rumor: Details About New Video Games, Movies, and an Animated Series!

The source at Cosmic Book Source is at it again. The same source that has supposedly leaked information about Darth Maul’s Spinoff Movie and Palpatine’s Disciple being the villain in Episode VII has now leaked the following information to the website;

The new animated Star Wars TV series may focus on the Rebellion taking down the remaining remnants of the Empire spread across the galaxy. It’s said to be similar to The Clone Wars in which it features a large cast of characters and doesn’t focus on a sole group (i.e. Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Han Solo).

• The spin-offs films could include original characters and may not be focused on a well known character (i.e. Boba Fett, Han Solo etc).

• However, a spin-off may possibly be set before Episode I for certain characters (i.e. Yoda).

• New video games will be post Episode VI and could be based on the TV Series being developed.

• There will more than likely be video games based on Episode VII, VIII and IX.

Dave Filoni has confirmed that he is developing an animated series for Star Wars, and it would be great to see him doing a show where the good guys will win in the end, and it could serve as a great tool for getting stories from the Expanded Universe into the more mainstream medium.

For more from the original source check: Cosmic Book News

REVIEW: Defiance: The Game

I picked up the new Defiance game today as soon as the store was open and hurried home to play it. Having been involved in the Beta testing, I already knew that I liked the game but was very curious to see how it would feel in its final incarnation.

So I put the game in and sat there for about an hour while it patched… Don’t get me wrong, I love the game, my friends and I just weren’t anticipating that long install time and it killed the momentum I had going from picking it up so early.

Moving on to the important stuff. It is a 3rd person shooter MMO, and I feel like it really nailed the style. The graphics remind me of a more realtistic Star Wars- The Old Republic, but also grittier.

The World seems large, but traveling is made easy with the mounts and a feature to instantly teleport to wherever your friends are so you can help them. There is a wide variety of weapons even within your first couple hours of playing, and my friends quickly began comparing the stats and fire rates of our various shotguns and snipers.

The cinematics are great and include characters from the upcoming show, really helping to make you feel like you are part of this world, fighting aliens and chasing valuable technology among a large mob of players. I have made the decision to start covering alot more Defiance stuff, so get ready for a more in depth look at various features and elements as time goes on.

I would definitely reccommend this game to people and hope that it does well so that the show will get more support and funding as well!

RUMOR- 1313 in Jeopardy because of Episode VII

Inside Sources have told Kotaku that Star Wars 1313 may be stalled right now with all of the episode VII developments. Supposedly According to the article, the game was suppose to tie in heavily with a live action TV series featuring shared characters and topics. At one point it was intended to be an open world RPG similar to KOTOR but with 3rd person shooter mechanics.

According to their sources, Disney may have put a hold on all games not directly related to Episode VII era. This could also mean that their plans for the live action TV series.

I’ve been looking forward to this game since its announcement and still hope it is coming. Recent reports claimed that the game would be released for PS4 and XBOX 720. Hopefully it will be progressing as normal, but one thing that I thought was worth taking note was the discussion of Episode VII era games. There havent been any games that included the Solo kids at all, and would be very excited to hear about anything going on for the era. Maybe even a game following Boba Fett, the Bounty Hunting King that can never return home.

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Drew Karpyshan Shoots Down Rumors of Involvement in Knights of the Old Republic Movie

A rumor had been spreading the Drew Karpyshan had been talking time to get started in screenwriting and that he was making a treatment for a Kotor film. He has since shot down the rumors though claiming to know nothing about such a films existence. Insiders have said that plenty of ideas are being developed and thrown around, but at this point Episode VII is the only one that is currently being written.

Drew instead has been preparing his new book series the Children of Fire, which is set to release this fall.

For Drew’s website and more information check here

For more info on the original rumor check here

Obsidian to Pitch Obi-Wan Exile Game

The makers of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 are at it again trying to pitch a new game idea to Disney. This time the aim is for a dark RPG starring Obi-Wan Kenobi. The game would take place between episodes III and IV and fill in a very mysterious period in the Jedi’s life. There is a novel about Obi-Wan set to release later this year and actor Ewan McGregor has been actively saying that he would love to return to the movie. Could he become involved in the game? Or does LucasArts already have something up their sleaves for the crazy old hermit.

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