Back in Action

Hello everyone, long time no….type. It’s been a crazy last two years for me as I’ve gotten married, started a new career, and bought a new house. Now that things have settled down again I can no longer contain my opinions! So get ready for a whole bunch of posts, some will be about things that are coming out now, others may just be my thoughts on things that have come out in my absence. I guess I should also start cleaning up some of the stuff on the site that is less relevant anymore…


Some of Darth Tony’s Random Fanart


So I’ve been having fun saving up points at the Star Wars Action Team by working on my drawings. Each drawing gets you a thousand points, so I’ve got 11,000 saved up to blow on Tarkin soon!threepio-ink darth-malak-ink boba-fett-ink zeb-sketch Ezra-Sketch2 Bib-Fortuna-Sketch sabine-sketch asajj-sketch adam-driver-pilot-Sketch Tarkin-Sketch inquisitor-head-sketch-convert MirtaGevHeir

My Issues With Hasbro! Give Us the Figures WE Want!

Everytime I go to Toys ‘R Us or Target I get excited at the prospect of finding something new, but it’s hard to find new figures that actually excite me. I’ve been collecting for a while, and as a fan of the Expanded Universe I jump at the opportunity to grab the EU figures whenever they become available, and this is where my real issue arises. Let’s take a look at the last Black Series that they released;

Episode II Clone Trooper Sergeant
Episode II Anakin Skywalker
Episode IV Biggs Darklighter
Episode V Darth Vader
Episode VI Biker Scout
Episode III Clone Pilot
Episode II R2-D2
Episode II Pablo-Jill
Episode IV Stormtrooper
EU Mara Jade Skywalker
Episode II Luminara Unduli
Episode III Clone Trooper – 41st

Though I appreciate the higher quality of the Black Series molds, I find it hard to motivate myself to buy most of them, just due to the familiarity of the characters. Taking a step away from my perspective and let’s approach this as a child, or parent. If a 4-6 year old child receives a Biggs Darklighter figure, I highly doubt the chance of them ever asking for another Biggs figure, but if you go into a store, the only figures you can find on the pegs are the troopers, Anakin, and R2.

Every time a store recieves maybe one or two of the rare figures at a time, which are immediately grabbed and no longer available to anyone else for the rest of the week. ┬áLeaving the rest of us to pick from the leftovers that I’m tired of getting. Is the concern that if they produce EU figures, they won’t be bought enough? It’s a poor investment to keep putting out these cliche characters while they have such a wide body of work to pull from. Every EU character they have put out in the last few years has not only become a fan favorite, but within a week can be found online for at least $30-50, and has made the character that much more iconic to the fanbase, but Hasbro isn’t even really profitting from this markup! So why encourage it? When Hasbro had a Fan Choice poll recently to select a new character for a figure, Mara Jade was selected, but some of the other top finalists included Darth Plagueis, Gillad Palleaon, and Joruus C’Baoth, and though Plagueis didn’t win, he is also recieving a figure, but I have a feeling I will never get to find him in store.

Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison Graphic Novel Trailer

Dark Horse has released an awesome trailer for the release of the hardcover edition of the comic series Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison. They rendered the original artwork into 3d images for a really cool preview of the comic. I wasn’t very enthused about this series at first, but the preview has definitely increased my interest.

Watch the trailer and read more of IGN’s coverage