The Return of Thrawn

thrawn-rebelsWhen contemplating what my first post should be now that I’m back from my hiatus and there is nothing more exciting and appropriate right now than the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn. They have danced around similar themes lately in Star Wars but to see the return of the Chiss can be interpreted as a step in the right direction for bringing a lot of die-hard fans back into the fold.

When I first discussed characters I’d like to see cross over into Rebels, Thrawn was always at the top of my list. I remember discussing with friends how incredible it could be to see the Grand Admiral analyzing Sabine’s “art.” By that I mean two things, first of all we have always known that Thrawn has a great appreciation for art and the connection between the viewer and their favorite works of art. If you like a certain artist’s style it may be indicative of your own tendencies. So to see Thrawn now be analyzing not only the fan of the art, but the artist themselves may be very interesting and telling. Just as Kanan has endangered the rebels at times with his presence, could her involvement and Thrawn’s familiarity with her jeopardize them all. Secondly, we have seen Sabine express herself artistically through explosions and other attacks, how will she react when she meets someone that appreciates the beauty of her work. Someone who doesn’t see them merely as an attack, but as part of a more beautiful pattern.

I’m very excited about Zahn’s involvement as I have always been a fan of his work. The book aptly named “Thrawn” will take place before Rebels starting with the Empire’s discovery of Thawn and ending just before Season 3. I really like the fact that they are tying it in so closely to the show as this is one of the best examples of the Story group making something connect across the board. As we have seen with other┬ábig villains in Star Wars Rebels, they have been good at sacrificing minions while the boss gets away, so I believe this is the beginning of our tie with Thrawn and wouldn’t be surprised to see him cross over to other stories Post-Return of the Jedi.

All in all I am very excited to see this and the other hints of the EU that they sprinkled into that Teaser. The dam has been broken, time for more to come out.