Check out this video of me playing “The Battle of San Francisco” by Bear McCreary from the Defiance Video Game Soundtrack

I’m a huge Bear McCreary Fan, so I had a blast recording this with my friend Chris from Mixdown Music Productions. I’m not perfect but I feel pretty good about how this video turned out! If you like it, please share and give me feedback!


Finally Defiance DLC Details! Exclusive: Datak Confirms He Will Be In-Game

After a long wait, we have finally been provided with details of Defiance’s first DLC pack. It’s interesting how they are doing it because the content is split. What I mean is that some will be free, some you pay for as DLC, and some you can access via in game store. It is being dubbed Enter the Castithan, since it mostly deals with the addition of the Castithan race as a playable species, as well as access to their new weapons and a Battle Arena. One thing that I love (being a Star Wars fan) is the addition of Castithan Charge Blades of varying colors. Obviously I’m going red if Sith is an option. Here’s the full list that they provided;


You get this when you buy the DLC for $10:
– Access to play the Castithan Species
– Access to a new Story Mission Line with new Battle Arena Game Mode
– Access to the new Castithan Battle Arenas
– Castithan Charge Blade & Ceremonial Mask as a reward from Story Mission Line
– A unique version of the Raptor, a new 4 player truck of doom
– A unique Castithan version of an outfit
– A Charge Weapons Starter Pack
– Access to New Pursuits
– New Xbox and PS3 Trophies and Achievements

You get this in the DLC for free:
– Access to the new Charge Weapons Class and Castithan Blades
– Access to Sieges, a new Open World Game Mode
– Access to the new Monolith Major Arkfall
– Access to a new PvP Map – Military Academy
– Join a friend into the Battle Arenas Game Mode
– Duel your friends and neighbors in the Duels Game Mode
– Enemies, lockboxes, and events can drop Charge Weapons
– Select a new voice for you character
– Multitude of game improvements from UI to content

You can buy these individually from the store:
– New Mods that tint the color of your Castithan Blade
– Lockboxes have a chance to get Charge Weapons
– More versions of the Raptor, the new 4 player truck of doomed compensation
– Character Customization changes: Appearance change, name change, or everything change


I recently asked actor Tony Curran (Datak Tarr) if his character should be expected for an in-game cameo, and he responded;

I asked him before I heard about the Castithan expansion, but now it seems we may have an idea of when we can expect to see the original Defiance Gangster out in the Bay Area. They haven’t announced the release date for the DLC yet, but now that the game is bug free (but not Hellbug free) we can expect the new content to start rolling out soon so they will be able to get it out before the season ends hopefully. The season finally is July 8th, so that doesn’t gives them less then two months to connect the show with the game before having to wait until next season to play that card.

For the original update click here

Preview of Defiance Season 1 Episode 3

Check out this preview of next weeks episode of Defiance. I’m very interested to see where they are taking Irisa in this. Check out for more great videos for Defiance, including plenty of exclusive Behind the Scenes footage


Defiance Episode 2 Preview- “Down In the Ground Where the Dead Men Go”

Check out this preview of next weeks episode of Defiance! If you haven’t watched the pilot yet, don’t watch this!

Spoiler Free Review of the Defiance Pilot

This is a day I had been waiting for since first seeing previews for this ambitious new show, and I must say that it was worth the wait. Defiance displays a beautiful tapestry of various alien cultures but connects them in a very realistic and intimate way. Though the world seems to have been changed drastically, the characters still find themselves facing challenges and rivalries that the audience can understand and relate to.

The cast of the show works incredibly. Each actor really fits their role and plays them in interesting ways, causing you to question your original judgments of each character and how they need each other to exist. I would definitely say that the two actresses that impressed me the most were Stephanie Leonidas and Jaime Murray.

Stephanie’s portrayal as Irisa shows the girl the to be tough and dangerous, but you can tell that it is all a cover for her own insecurities and abandonment issues. It will be interesting to see as that armor cracks and we get to see her smile, or worse if her fears are proven to be right.

Jaime definitely will turn a few heads playing Stahma Tarr, wife to the local crime lord. Her voice is unrecognizable as she covers her British accent and sweetly suggests horrible acts. If behind every good man is a good woman, then she is certainly the bad girl behind Defiance’s bad guy.

I also found the Need/Want to be a location of great interest, as you will once you enter its grungy sleazy doors. The way that this civilization acknowledges and allows their baser needs, provides an exciting location for many love scenes and fights to come.

In terms of its connection to the game, this episode definitely has me excited about the DLC to come. Getting to see all the weapons that I’ve been using in-game now being used in the show is really exciting and its great getting to see how the blasts look close up in high definition. Though it raises new questions for me in the game, (like when I will start seeing certain species) players of the game are already familiar with the 99ers and some other species that have yet to be shown yet it the show. This cross-teasing is really interesting and I’m excited to see what new episode content goes live after tonights premiere.

Overall I’d say that the pilot was very well done fitting in a good amount of action, while still starting to give some really interesting information about the world that we are entering. Some people (not I) have commented that Game of Thrones tends to take a little while to get going every season by having to talk so much and introduce so many characters, but this show introduces the cast in a quick and sweet way that give you a believable look at this rag tag civilization, and don’t get me started on Bear McCreary’s music, it was all over the place perfectly accenting every mood.

I can’t wait to see episode 2.

Check out Sci-Fi Talk for the transcription of a great interview with Grant Bowler and Stephanie Leonidas, the Father/Daughter stars of Defiance

Guide: Some Tips for Equipping yourself in Defiance: The Game

I didn’t want to rush into giving any tips to people on the first day, so I took the time to acquaint myself with the weapons a little more and level up, and now for the fruits of my labor:

Understanding your Weapons and Experimenting

It’s amazing to see how much variety the weapons have in this game. It really allows the players to come up with their own style of gaming and get a little weird with it! The two biggest things to pay attention in a weapon is the accuracy/spread of the weapon and the damage/types of damage it is capable of.


What I mean by the accuracy/spread of the weapon is that a players style and placement in a battle can really change what you look for in the accuracy of a weapon.Some people like to keep their distance from the battles and use snipers. These people will also probably enjoy Assault Rifles more than they will like Light Machine Guns. I on the other hand like to be in the heat of Arkfall, where I don’t have time to be very picky with my shots.

So if you are like me and like to get a little messy in the battles, I’d advise 3 big things;

1) Use a shotgun with a wider Bloom or a nice horizontal spread. This will be better for when you have to spin around and kill a Hell Bug mid-air or if you have several enemies next to each other.

2) Use a light machine gun with low accuracy so that it will spread its fire over more of an area. They tend to be more powerful than assault rifles or other high fire rate guns, and can be really great for spinning around in circles clearing a mob that’s surrounded you.

3) Use missile launchers that rebound or spread in other ways. A lot of the heavy weapons have a great Area of Effect, So utilize this to quickly knock the cannon fodder out-of-the-way.


Now it’s not as simple as just saying that it does 500 damage. Because with a lot of these weapons pulling the trigger once could release multiple rounds or a number of shots at once.

One example would be Sniper Rifles that shoot multiple rounds per shot and can hold many rounds without needing to reload while some rifles can only shoot one powerful shot and then have to reload for 2 seconds, or shotguns that shoot high numbers of shrapnel.

Test out some of the guns when you are at a low-level so you can figure out what fits your play style the most, and don’t be thrown of by a type of weapon just because you didn’t like the first one you tried. Within each time there is such diversity that you should be able to find at least one model of each type that you can use well.


As you level up you are able to equip more and more loadouts, and I highly recommend utilizing them. Even if there is some redundancy in your loadouts, you never know when you are going to need to switch out for something unusual.

Right now my main 3 loadouts I use include

1) Shotgun/Assault Rifle

2)Assault Rifle/Rebound Rocket Launcher

3)Grenade Shotgun/Sniper


Though some people like to use the adhesive kind, I’ve found that grenades that can light the enemy on fire can have the best effect in terms of not only doing damage, but also distracting some weaker enemies.

Don’t Just Use the Dodge

I know a lot of us preordered the game and hence get this bad ass Dodge Charger, but it can be a little hard to navigate through the mountains and forested areas. It’s great for driving long distances and on the high way, but don’t be afraid to set one of your loadouts to be an ATV, they are really fun to drive, and don’t end up getting caught on stuff as much!

I’ll be posting more guides soon. Share my link and share the love.

For another great guide to weapons check: the Weapons of IGN’s Defiance Guide

REVIEW: Defiance: The Game

I picked up the new Defiance game today as soon as the store was open and hurried home to play it. Having been involved in the Beta testing, I already knew that I liked the game but was very curious to see how it would feel in its final incarnation.

So I put the game in and sat there for about an hour while it patched… Don’t get me wrong, I love the game, my friends and I just weren’t anticipating that long install time and it killed the momentum I had going from picking it up so early.

Moving on to the important stuff. It is a 3rd person shooter MMO, and I feel like it really nailed the style. The graphics remind me of a more realtistic Star Wars- The Old Republic, but also grittier.

The World seems large, but traveling is made easy with the mounts and a feature to instantly teleport to wherever your friends are so you can help them. There is a wide variety of weapons even within your first couple hours of playing, and my friends quickly began comparing the stats and fire rates of our various shotguns and snipers.

The cinematics are great and include characters from the upcoming show, really helping to make you feel like you are part of this world, fighting aliens and chasing valuable technology among a large mob of players. I have made the decision to start covering alot more Defiance stuff, so get ready for a more in depth look at various features and elements as time goes on.

I would definitely reccommend this game to people and hope that it does well so that the show will get more support and funding as well!