New Excerpt from Dawn of the Jedi- Into the Void

Random House has released quite a long excerpt from the upcoming Dawn of the Jedi novel. You can read it at their website

I’m very excited to see that they are continuing this era and would be very interested to see if they spread it into any cartoons or video games. It would be very interesting to see a game taking place when the Jedi split between light and dark, where you get to choose sides, but that is just my rambling again.


How is Ania Solo related to the family?

I was thinking about this last night and its still been bugging me. The new Legacy series supposedly follows Ania Solo, the great great granddaughter of Han and Leia. Here’s my question though, HOW!?

Jaina is married to Jag Fel and her children lead the way to the next Fel legacy that will rule the Empire for generations using the last name FEL. Jacen may be dead, but his daughter still lives, but her children probably wouldn’t be named Solo, and they would probably be tied to the Hapan court. Anakin is dead after only recieving a kiss, so theres no way the kids are his. So who the hell is Ania Solo related to!?

AWESOME Star Wars Legacy interview from Rebelscum

Jay over at┬ádid an awesome interview with Corinna Bechko & Gabriel Hardman, the writers of the new comic series Star Wars: Legacy. I’ve been looking forward to this comic series for a while and with a new team working on it, it should be interesting to see how things pan out. The series takes place a year after the last Legacy series and roughly 138 years after A New Hope and will follow the adventures of young Ania Solo, the great great granddaughter of Han and Leia Solo.

For the full interview check here

Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison Graphic Novel Trailer

Dark Horse has released an awesome trailer for the release of the hardcover edition of the comic series Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison. They rendered the original artwork into 3d images for a really cool preview of the comic. I wasn’t very enthused about this series at first, but the preview has definitely increased my interest.

Watch the trailer and read more of IGN’s coverage

Great Interview About Current Star Wars Comics and What’s Coming Soon…

This is a really well done article from, where they talk to Randy Stradley, Dark Horse’s Vice President of Publishing. They discuss the new Legacy series, the new “Star Wars” series, and hint at something big coming our way!?