My Issues With Hasbro! Give Us the Figures WE Want!

Everytime I go to Toys ‘R Us or Target I get excited at the prospect of finding something new, but it’s hard to find new figures that actually excite me. I’ve been collecting for a while, and as a fan of the Expanded Universe I jump at the opportunity to grab the EU figures whenever they become available, and this is where my real issue arises. Let’s take a look at the last Black Series that they released;

Episode II Clone Trooper Sergeant
Episode II Anakin Skywalker
Episode IV Biggs Darklighter
Episode V Darth Vader
Episode VI Biker Scout
Episode III Clone Pilot
Episode II R2-D2
Episode II Pablo-Jill
Episode IV Stormtrooper
EU Mara Jade Skywalker
Episode II Luminara Unduli
Episode III Clone Trooper – 41st

Though I appreciate the higher quality of the Black Series molds, I find it hard to motivate myself to buy most of them, just due to the familiarity of the characters. Taking a step away from my perspective and let’s approach this as a child, or parent. If a 4-6 year old child receives a Biggs Darklighter figure, I highly doubt the chance of them ever asking for another Biggs figure, but if you go into a store, the only figures you can find on the pegs are the troopers, Anakin, and R2.

Every time a store recieves maybe one or two of the rare figures at a time, which are immediately grabbed and no longer available to anyone else for the rest of the week. ¬†Leaving the rest of us to pick from the leftovers that I’m tired of getting. Is the concern that if they produce EU figures, they won’t be bought enough? It’s a poor investment to keep putting out these cliche characters while they have such a wide body of work to pull from. Every EU character they have put out in the last few years has not only become a fan favorite, but within a week can be found online for at least $30-50, and has made the character that much more iconic to the fanbase, but Hasbro isn’t even really profitting from this markup! So why encourage it? When Hasbro had a Fan Choice poll recently to select a new character for a figure, Mara Jade was selected, but some of the other top finalists included Darth Plagueis, Gillad Palleaon, and Joruus C’Baoth, and though Plagueis didn’t win, he is also recieving a figure, but I have a feeling I will never get to find him in store.


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