Finally Defiance DLC Details! Exclusive: Datak Confirms He Will Be In-Game

After a long wait, we have finally been provided with details of Defiance’s first DLC pack. It’s interesting how they are doing it because the content is split. What I mean is that some will be free, some you pay for as DLC, and some you can access via in game store. It is being dubbed Enter the Castithan, since it mostly deals with the addition of the Castithan race as a playable species, as well as access to their new weapons and a Battle Arena. One thing that I love (being a Star Wars fan) is the addition of Castithan Charge Blades of varying colors. Obviously I’m going red if Sith is an option. Here’s the full list that they provided;


You get this when you buy the DLC for $10:
– Access to play the Castithan Species
– Access to a new Story Mission Line with new Battle Arena Game Mode
– Access to the new Castithan Battle Arenas
– Castithan Charge Blade & Ceremonial Mask as a reward from Story Mission Line
– A unique version of the Raptor, a new 4 player truck of doom
– A unique Castithan version of an outfit
– A Charge Weapons Starter Pack
– Access to New Pursuits
– New Xbox and PS3 Trophies and Achievements

You get this in the DLC for free:
– Access to the new Charge Weapons Class and Castithan Blades
– Access to Sieges, a new Open World Game Mode
– Access to the new Monolith Major Arkfall
– Access to a new PvP Map – Military Academy
– Join a friend into the Battle Arenas Game Mode
– Duel your friends and neighbors in the Duels Game Mode
– Enemies, lockboxes, and events can drop Charge Weapons
– Select a new voice for you character
– Multitude of game improvements from UI to content

You can buy these individually from the store:
– New Mods that tint the color of your Castithan Blade
– Lockboxes have a chance to get Charge Weapons
– More versions of the Raptor, the new 4 player truck of doomed compensation
– Character Customization changes: Appearance change, name change, or everything change


I recently asked actor Tony Curran (Datak Tarr) if his character should be expected for an in-game cameo, and he responded;

I asked him before I heard about the Castithan expansion, but now it seems we may have an idea of when we can expect to see the original Defiance Gangster out in the Bay Area. They haven’t announced the release date for the DLC yet, but now that the game is bug free (but not Hellbug free) we can expect the new content to start rolling out soon so they will be able to get it out before the season ends hopefully. The season finally is July 8th, so that doesn’t gives them less then two months to connect the show with the game before having to wait until next season to play that card.

For the original update click here


One response

  1. dave

    So your gona have to pay to change your character….lame.

    May 20, 2013 at 1:52 pm

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