Doctor Who Prediction- Clara is probably one of 3 people

I think I'm in love with Clara Oswin Oswald. #...

I’ve been thinking about this alot and trying to figure out who, or what Clara Oswald is and I’ve come to the conclusion that she is most likely one of 3 possibilities;

1) Clara is the daughter of the Doctor and River Song- We haven’t seen her in a while, and  a possible explanation could be that there was a period when River avoided the Doctor to hide her pregnancy. It would also make sense to hide a Time Lord baby until she is old enough to adventure, so River would remain far away from Clara as she grows up.

2) Clara is the Doctor’s clone/daughter Jenny- Though he believes her to be dead, we did see Jenny adventure off somewhere. She may be missing some artifact that has taken her memory of being a Time Lord, but the possibility is there. It could be interesting if Clara was Doctor/River’s daughter and met Jenny though… (For a great article about that theory check Greywulf’s Lair)

3) Clara is the Doctor- I know that may sound a little outlandish to some of you, but it could very well be that Clara is the Doctor after his memory has been wiped. There has been talk about the possibility of a female Doctor, and she has been recieving such a good reaction, that I could believe it. She has the quick banter down and is good at playing the ignorant role right now, but it would be a pretty crazy twist if she found something and suddenly remembered that she IS the doctor.


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