Drew Karpyshyn Responds to One of My Children of Fire Questions

I recently tweeted a question to my absolute favorite writer, Drew Karpyshyn, and he responded.

It’s always exciting to get a response from someone that you admire, but looking back on some of his books it makes sense. If you consider Darth Bane or Revan, they both are capable of power that would literally break the system. I don’t think its unreasonable to consider to possibility of a movie or game being created if the book does well.

Recently there has been a movement of fans pushing for Knights of the Old Republic to be made into a spinoff movie/series. Of all of the topics that fans have been pushing for, none have gotten the support  of Kotor, which is being campaigned for by fansites and bloggers almost daily.

As a fan of Karpyshyn’s, I would love to see any of his work get adapted, and am very excited to see what comes of the Mass Effect movie.


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