Guide: Some Tips for Equipping yourself in Defiance: The Game

I didn’t want to rush into giving any tips to people on the first day, so I took the time to acquaint myself with the weapons a little more and level up, and now for the fruits of my labor:

Understanding your Weapons and Experimenting

It’s amazing to see how much variety the weapons have in this game. It really allows the players to come up with their own style of gaming and get a little weird with it! The two biggest things to pay attention in a weapon is the accuracy/spread of the weapon and the damage/types of damage it is capable of.


What I mean by the accuracy/spread of the weapon is that a players style and placement in a battle can really change what you look for in the accuracy of a weapon.Some people like to keep their distance from the battles and use snipers. These people will also probably enjoy Assault Rifles more than they will like Light Machine Guns. I on the other hand like to be in the heat of Arkfall, where I don’t have time to be very picky with my shots.

So if you are like me and like to get a little messy in the battles, I’d advise 3 big things;

1) Use a shotgun with a wider Bloom or a nice horizontal spread. This will be better for when you have to spin around and kill a Hell Bug mid-air or if you have several enemies next to each other.

2) Use a light machine gun with low accuracy so that it will spread its fire over more of an area. They tend to be more powerful than assault rifles or other high fire rate guns, and can be really great for spinning around in circles clearing a mob that’s surrounded you.

3) Use missile launchers that rebound or spread in other ways. A lot of the heavy weapons have a great Area of Effect, So utilize this to quickly knock the cannon fodder out-of-the-way.


Now it’s not as simple as just saying that it does 500 damage. Because with a lot of these weapons pulling the trigger once could release multiple rounds or a number of shots at once.

One example would be Sniper Rifles that shoot multiple rounds per shot and can hold many rounds without needing to reload while some rifles can only shoot one powerful shot and then have to reload for 2 seconds, or shotguns that shoot high numbers of shrapnel.

Test out some of the guns when you are at a low-level so you can figure out what fits your play style the most, and don’t be thrown of by a type of weapon just because you didn’t like the first one you tried. Within each time there is such diversity that you should be able to find at least one model of each type that you can use well.


As you level up you are able to equip more and more loadouts, and I highly recommend utilizing them. Even if there is some redundancy in your loadouts, you never know when you are going to need to switch out for something unusual.

Right now my main 3 loadouts I use include

1) Shotgun/Assault Rifle

2)Assault Rifle/Rebound Rocket Launcher

3)Grenade Shotgun/Sniper


Though some people like to use the adhesive kind, I’ve found that grenades that can light the enemy on fire can have the best effect in terms of not only doing damage, but also distracting some weaker enemies.

Don’t Just Use the Dodge

I know a lot of us preordered the game and hence get this bad ass Dodge Charger, but it can be a little hard to navigate through the mountains and forested areas. It’s great for driving long distances and on the high way, but don’t be afraid to set one of your loadouts to be an ATV, they are really fun to drive, and don’t end up getting caught on stuff as much!

I’ll be posting more guides soon. Share my link and share the love.

For another great guide to weapons check: the Weapons of IGN’s Defiance Guide


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