REVIEW: Defiance: The Game

I picked up the new Defiance game today as soon as the store was open and hurried home to play it. Having been involved in the Beta testing, I already knew that I liked the game but was very curious to see how it would feel in its final incarnation.

So I put the game in and sat there for about an hour while it patched… Don’t get me wrong, I love the game, my friends and I just weren’t anticipating that long install time and it killed the momentum I had going from picking it up so early.

Moving on to the important stuff. It is a 3rd person shooter MMO, and I feel like it really nailed the style. The graphics remind me of a more realtistic Star Wars- The Old Republic, but also grittier.

The World seems large, but traveling is made easy with the mounts and a feature to instantly teleport to wherever your friends are so you can help them. There is a wide variety of weapons even within your first couple hours of playing, and my friends quickly began comparing the stats and fire rates of our various shotguns and snipers.

The cinematics are great and include characters from the upcoming show, really helping to make you feel like you are part of this world, fighting aliens and chasing valuable technology among a large mob of players. I have made the decision to start covering alot more Defiance stuff, so get ready for a more in depth look at various features and elements as time goes on.

I would definitely reccommend this game to people and hope that it does well so that the show will get more support and funding as well!


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