The Rock continuing to campaign for a role in Star Wars (Say’s he would be a bridge between Sith and Jedi)

Of the many actors that have been campaigning for roles in the upcoming Star Wars films, one name that keeps coming back is Dwayne Johnson. Current WWE champion The Rock has expressed a love of Star Wars several times and has further detailed what he would like to do;

“When I was a kid, I (imagined I) was Han Solo and Boba Fett. I would love to do it, sure. I’ve got an emotional connection to Star Wars. So, Jedi, Sith, you got it,”

“Boba Fett could work. But it can’t be the Boba Fett as we know. There’s got to be a cross between a Sith and a Jedi. We’ve got to create it.”

In recent novels there have been a number of characters that stand somewhere in the grey between the light and dark sides of the force, and there have been Mandalorians and clones that were born with force abilities.

I could also see him playing an alien spieces with some special effects work or make-up. He could be a very intimidating Yuzhong Vong or Pureblooded Sith.

For more about the interview check The Belfast Telegraph


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