3/27/13 the Begining, the End, and somewhere between

Not all hauls need to be huge. I love coming home with just a handful of pieces and being totally enthused about them. Today was a great day in that sense. I grabbed two comics and a figure and couldn’t be happier about them.


First up was the new issue of Dawn of the Jedi. I’ve been very pleased with this series so far. Something about going further back in Star Wars history than anything else seems so fresh and new.

I was also very excited to pick up last weeks Star Wars Legacy #1. The fact that this series has been started gives me a great deal of hope that the expanded universe will be honored in the upcoming episode 7 plans. One thing I loved about the previous legacy series was all of the questions it raised about the missing 80-so years of Star Wars. The rise of the empire and the emergence of the One Sith. As plans for episode 7 are coming together I can only imagine how much will be revealed by Ania Solo’s adventures.

Th most exciting piece from the haul was a Darth Malgus action figure that was on sale at Toys r Us for $5! I already have Malgus in my collection but it is in my opinion one of the best Star Wars figures so far, so I figured it would be a great grab to keep unopened.


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