All of these are rumors at this point but here is the summary:

“All three of the originals will be back in VII; they all have contracts now.

We’re introducing Han and Leia’s child and grandchild.

No on Yoda, George doesn’t want it. Yoda is a supporting character and will stay that way.

JJ’s contract has a clause for all three movies and an additional three of Lucas/Disney choosing if everyone melds well on the first one. This is typical of these types of contracts; gives everyone an out if needed.

There are three new books we want Timothy Zahn to write.”

I find all of this to be very exciting. This should mean that the child and grandchild are Jaina and Allana! I’m predicting them becoming a master/apprentice duo, and this being a Trilogy for the ladies! And is this a new Zahn trilogy in the making or three seperate novels?

See the original article at Nerdvana



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