RUMOR- 1313 in Jeopardy because of Episode VII

Inside Sources have told Kotaku that Star Wars 1313 may be stalled right now with all of the episode VII developments. Supposedly According to the article, the game was suppose to tie in heavily with a live action TV series featuring shared characters and topics. At one point it was intended to be an open world RPG similar to KOTOR but with 3rd person shooter mechanics.

According to their sources, Disney may have put a hold on all games not directly related to Episode VII era. This could also mean that their plans for the live action TV series.

I’ve been looking forward to this game since its announcement and still hope it is coming. Recent reports claimed that the game would be released for PS4 and XBOX 720. Hopefully it will be progressing as normal, but one thing that I thought was worth taking note was the discussion of Episode VII era games. There havent been any games that included the Solo kids at all, and would be very excited to hear about anything going on for the era. Maybe even a game following Boba Fett, the Bounty Hunting King that can never return home.

For the original article click here


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