Casting Rumor- Alfonso Cuaron and Simon Pegg are being approached

According to MarketSaw, Children of Men director Alfonso Cuaron may be in talks to work on a Star Wars movie. Though the rumor says that he me be working on episode VIII or IX, it could be possible that he is working on one of the spinoff movies.

Simon Pegg may be in talks for a role in one of the movies. He has been very public about his love for Star Wars and his support for JJ Abrams, not to mention the fact that he voices Dengar in the Clone Wars cartoon series. He would be a great addition to the cast and would definitely fit in with their aim to recapture the spirit of the original trilogy. He’s an actor that is good at keeping intense situations light and comical, but there aren’t any expanded universe characters that I would immediately associate with him and the way that he fit so well as Scotty.

Their insider has said the following;

“As far as I know Episode 7 was then, and is now, focusing on the Skywalker’s offspring. As I told you before, I believe duel personalities develop, akin to Anakin and Obi Wan, and Luke and Vader in the first trilogies, which as far as I am aware, is the driving force behind the new trilogy. Things may change however, but I doubt it, this has been long in the making.

Harrison Ford has been approached, he has not turned it down, and is from everything I hear, very interested in returning to the role of Han Solo again, but is not signed as was reported recently. Negotiating may be a better choice of words right now. Hope it shakes out.

Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher were also approached a long time ago, as was ford, and a few other key players. I would all but guarantee, they will be in Episode 7, and I would be confident that Ford will return too. If the universe aligns correctly.

J.J. Abrams mystery cube or whatever he is calling it today, is in full effect, Star Wars news is going to be very thin on the ground for the foreseeable future, but expect Simon Pegg to be involved in some capacity. Can’t say why, but lets just say I have a strong feeling about that.

Star Wars fans, Kathleen and J.J have your interests at heart.

For the original article check: MovieSaw


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