I Love Toys R Us

The problem with hunting at Toys R Us is that the best figures often sell out fast, but sometimes the kids miss the good stuff! I check every few days to see good deals and good finds and today I totally lucked out! When I picked up the local comic shops copies of the Star Wars #1 Reprint and #2, I stopped by Toys R Us to see if they had any extra copies to buy to save for resale and my results were better than I could have hoped for.

They didn’t have the reprint or #2, but they had 4 copies of the 1st printing of Star Wars #1! The 1st printing sold out ridiculously fast, and has been selling for pretty ridiculous prices online, so I picked up all of their copies and checked out the action figure section to recieve another surprise.

Not only did they have the Mon Calamari Pilot from the deleted scene of Episode VI, but they had a Nom Anor! I’ve been looking for a Nom Anor for a while and was having trouble finding a complete one for less than $25, but the figures were on sale for $5 each.


So today I got Star Wars (2013)  Issue 1 (1st Printing)(x4), Issue 1 (2nd Printing), Issue 2 (1st Printing), Nom Anor, and the Mon Calamari Pilot for $28. Not a bad day!


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